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Juntos: Italian for Speakers of English and Spanish

Teachers Guide, 1st Edition

Clorinda Donato, Cedric Joseph Oliva, Manuel Romero, Daniela Zappador-Guerra
eISBN-13: 9780990728818

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Teachers Guide, 1st Edition-- Juntos: Italian for Speakers of English and Spanish, is an e-book that facilitates the acquisition of the Italian language for students who know Spanish as heritage speakers, native speakers, or as learners of Spanish in high school or college. Designed for use in tandem with any firstyear Italian language textbook, Juntos offers learners and instructors a comparative view of Italian, Spanish, and English. Charts, explanations, and exercises train students to focus their attention on the similarities among Italian, Spanish, English, as well as the differences. This process of language noticing equips students with a set of tools that they can use for linguistic exploration and the inclusion of Italian into their own personal language repertoire. Coupled with communicative approach textbooks, Juntos enables multilingual students to take advantage of their preexisting linguistic skills to speak better and faster. With salient examples offered in other Romance languages as well, Juntos fosters Intercomprehension, i.e., the ability to read and understand languages belonging to the same language family. Enhancing oral fluency while providing a solid foundation in reading, writing and listening, Juntos is the ideal solution for multilingual students of Italian.

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ISBNs 9780990728818
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